At Paul, Weiss, diversity and inclusion is central to every aspect of the firm’s culture and every point in the talent life cycle - from pipeline development and recruitment to promotion and advancement.  Our diversity initiatives and programs aim to strengthen the inclusiveness of our firm’s culture and contribute to the diversity of the legal profession overall.

Diversity & Inclusion Training

We provide mandatory Diversity & Inclusion curriculum for lawyers at all levels on topics including cultural competence, unconscious bias, respect in the workplace, and managing effectively across differences.

Mentoring & Development

We focus on developing our women and diverse associates early in their careers. A notable component of this approach is the Diversity Mentoring Program. Voluntary and open to all racially or ethnically diverse and LGBTQ first- through third-year associates, the program pairs each diverse mentee with a partner mentor, regardless of race or sexual orientation, in his or her department. The Diversity Mentoring Program helps to form important working relationships at the beginning of young lawyers’ development and has advanced the careers of our diverse attorneys.

The Women's Mentoring Program for midlevel women associates: The program features one-to-one matching with a partner mentor and a formal curriculum meant to enhance the mentees’ women career development skills, as well as social outings and events to strengthen the cohesiveness of the women at this stage in their careers.

Pipeline Programs

The firm is committed to investing in the creation of a pipeline of diverse talent at the high school, college and graduate levels so that students from underrepresented populations will consider and be prepared to pursue careers in the legal profession. We sponsor and/or partner with several organizations to increase the pipeline of diverse talent and generally promote diversity in the legal profession.

The students of Cristo Rey Brooklyn visit the Paul, Weiss New York office for a day-long conference with Street Law, Inc.

Firmwide Networks

Firmwide Networks (Asian-Pacific Lawyers, Black Lawyers, Family, Latinx Lawyers, Pride @ Work and Women) are open to all interested attorneys and focus on internal relationship-building, career development, recruitment and client development. Networks sponsor cultural activities, career chats with partners, alumni and clients, and other social events to create learning opportunities for the entire firm as well as community building within each Network.

The Networks offer support, facilitate discussion and provide opportunities for networking inside and outside of the firm. By cultivating lasting ties with clients, law student organizations, bar associations, alumni and non-profit groups, each Network helps to make Paul, Weiss more inclusive.


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