Career _Pomerantz
Mark F. Pomerantz
Of Counsel
University of Michigan
Law School, 1975

"To be a great lawyer, you simply have to be exposed to a broad range of challenges. How do you advise the board of directors if you've never been in a room with a board of directors? How do you know what a case is worth at trial if you've never been to trial? How do you muster what's necessary to tell a client what he needs to hear if you've never been in that circumstance?

None of us are born with all of the tools. You need a huge range of experience. You need to be versatile. At Paul, Weiss you will work on a variety of different matters with different partners as a new associate, because that is what is going to help you build your practice and build your career."





Oh _A_Web
Alex Young K. Oh
Litigation Partner
Yale Law School, 1993

"Depending on your interests, getting the most out of your law degree can mean a variety of things - working for a high-caliber law firm, at a socially conscious nonprofit institution, for the government or in-house at a major corporation.

To me, fulfillment means having the opportunity to immerse myself in private practice as well as public service - it enriches my work as a litigator. Paul, Weiss lawyers are dedicated to public service; the firm has many lawyers who, like me, have served in the U.S. attorney's office or other branches of government. Our deep experience fighting for many different causes in many different arenas has, in my view, promoted the development of lawyers who are wise beyond their years - thoughtful, independent and creative. And that makes for a stronger firm.

At each step, my colleagues at Paul, Weiss have supported my career choices because, as a firm, we encourage our lawyers to find professional fulfillment on their own terms."



Career _Campbell
Patrick S. Campbell
and Technology Partner
Stanford Law School, 1995

"Finding your niche in an area of practice you really enjoy is critical for a new associate. One thing that sets successful lawyers apart is having a real passion for what they do.

At Paul, Weiss those are the individuals who rise to the top. To come to work every day, put your clients first and make personal sacrifices to get your work done requires that you actually enjoy doing it. Loving what you do is the best way to do it well."







Career _Cornish
Kelley A. Cornish
Bankruptcy Partner
Northwestern University
School of Law, 1983

"Our clients have the most crucial and difficult problems you can imagine. Whether it's litigation, bankruptcy or a big M&A deal - these situations call on all of your creativity. At Paul, Weiss, you'll find yourself at the edges of the developing law. And that presents a perfect opportunity to be very, very creative: because there is no case law or treatise to tell you what to do.

Out there at the edges is where empathy also needs to come into play, because a great lawyer is a counselor. Maybe he or she is dealing with the CEO, the CFO and the board of directors of a major public company whose backs are against the wall. Somebody might actually go to jail. It's not just the company at stake; you're dealing with real people. It's not just 'What does the statute say?' It's 'What the *%@! should I do?' A great lawyer is someone whom a client looks
                                                    to for wisdom and perspective in the face of the unknown.

And that's why I came to Paul, Weiss. I was in what some might consider an absolutely idyllic situation at another firm, and I walked away from it at the age of 44 to come here. Essentially I saw something really unique. It's the culture of the place. It's the personalities of the people - this collection of really creative, compassionate, bright, interesting, interested, open-minded, open-mouthed, free-thinking, free-wheeling people. It's just a fun, serious, stimulating environment."

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