Hear From Our Paralegals

"Paul, Weiss is a once in a lifetime experience. Talented and intelligent employees exist in most environments, but Paul, Weiss people are special: they possess the intangible qualities often displayed by men and women who are memorable; ones who distinguish themselves as extraordinary against the backdrop of those who are good. My experience here has been invaluable, from the high quality administrators I deal with on a day-to-day basis, to the brilliant attorneys and partners who seamlessly guide me through paralegal work as it pertains to transactions at the forefront of the financial world's elite. The efforts here are so contemporary that they are pioneering, and those leading the way, are the industry's best."

- Tim Carney, Senior Finance Paralegal, Cornell - B.A. Economics

"As a corporate paralegal, I work on a range of transactional matters that have provided me with a strong background in mergers and acquisitions, finance and securities work. Moreover, Paul, Weiss attorneys and my fellow paralegals have been exceptional teachers, team members and friends. What makes Paul, Weiss special is the unique combination of committed problem solvers who are also extraordinary human beings. I know that as I continue my career, I will carry these relationships and the intellectual curiosity that Paul, Weiss fosters with me."

- Brian Kauffman, former Corporate Paralegal, Columbia University - B.A. Political Science

"As a paralegal in the Investment Funds Group, I have been given exposure to a wide variety of transactions and have gained in-depth knowledge of the field. By working closely with the associates on a daily basis, I have acquired a good sense of the responsibilities and types of assignments involved in working as a lawyer. The work is both interesting and challenging, and I have no doubt that my experience as a paralegal at Paul, Weiss will serve me well in my future endeavors."

- Virginia Hobson, former Investment Funds Group Paralegal, Georgetown University - B.A. Economics

"Working at one of the strongest litigation firms in the country has proven to be an invaluable experience. Paul, Weiss has afforded me the chance to work amongst some of the most intelligent and gifted legal minds in the industry. I have learned the fundamental mechanics of multi-billion dollar litigations through the combined teachings of partners, associates and fellow paralegals. Thanks to Paul, Weiss's reputation as a leader in the pro bono field, I've been afforded numerous opportunities to work for many causes I believe in on both a personal and professional level. Many things make a large and successful firm like Paul, Weiss an effective and rewarding place to work, but the one thing that stands out over all is the collegial atmosphere and the dedication of the people here to hard work and excellence. The sense of teamwork and camaraderie I have experienced here is unmatched in the industry, and the brilliant, hard-working and inspiring people are truly what make coming to work here an invaluable opportunity. I know that there are many difficult choices that one has to make in life, but coming to Paul, Weiss was the right one for me."

- Shawn Muscat, Case Manager, New York University - B.A. Political Science

"Upon entering the work force right out of college, I expected that the aspect I would miss most about my undergraduate experience would be the sense of community fostered by my peers and superiors alike. However, I quickly found myself immersed in an equally nurturing and enriching community at Paul, Weiss. On a daily basis, I serve as an integral member of each of my case teams, helping my partners and associates represent some of the most prominent players in today's corporate world. The attorneys encourage my queries, and go above and beyond to provide me with a comprehensive introduction to the field of law. I work alongside a group of talented and ambitious paralegals whose friendships rival those from my college years. Paul, Weiss has come to signify much more than a workplace; it has become the environment in which I have cultivated an invaluable understanding of litigation and lasting personal and professional relationships."

- Jenny Foldvary, former Litigation Paralegal, Georgetown University - B.A. American Studies major, Spanish minor

"If you need exposure before you decide on a career in law, then Paul, Weiss is the place. You arrive every morning knowing you will work with the caliber of individuals that top law firms demand, and you observe first hand how their talents are utilized on a day-to-day basis. As a paralegal in the litigation department, every piece of evidence passes through my hands and I am part of all the central daily transactions. There is no better firm to witness such a wide spectrum of people and casework, from an associate speaking Spanish with an immigrant working on naturalization, to a partner who serves as counsel to the President of the United States."

- Edmond Menchavez, former Litigation Paralegal, SUNY Binghamton - B.A. Philosophy and American Government

Hear From Our Alumni

"My experience at Paul, Weiss gave me grounded, realistic insight into the practice of law. I came into law school with no hyperbolic illusions of grandeur, because I learned as a paralegal that much of the practice of law involves a lot of time invested in the small, mundane details so important to a given case. However, I also learned from my pro bono cases how powerful and important it is to have the proper resources to achieve justice: intelligent people and unflappable will mated with necessary financial resources are the required ingredients to make a difference in this world. My law school experience has been made much happier and smoother by virtue of this real world insight."

- Peter Ladwein, University of Notre Dame Law School, Class of 2009, Former Litigation Paralegal

"My experience at Paul, Weiss is summed up by relationships. I cherish all of the professional relationships, mentors, and life-long friends I most gratefully made during two years at the firm. Paul, Weiss is an open, warm, accepting, and generous environment that I believe sets the firm apart from any other legal environment. I am pursuing a career in law, specifically in public interest, solely because of the mentoring I received at Paul, Weiss."

- Kevin Lichtenberg, Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Class of 2010, Former Litigation Paralegal

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