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New Jersey

These resources – like the public health crisis itself – are constantly evolving and are only current as to the date of publication. This page was last updated on August 21, 2020.

For more up-to-date information on the relief programs available in New Jersey, we recommend that you visit the Department of Human Services or the governor's COVID-19 Resources website

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Description of Program and Relief

Health Care Provider Emergency Loan Program

A $6 million loan program to offset some of the unforeseen expenses incurred by health care providers in the COVID-19 pandemic. Loans will (1) have no application, initial, or annual fees; (2) be at an interest rate of 0%; and (3) be secured solely by federal and State grants and other financial aid received by the recipient health care organizations as a response to COVID-19, as well as grants from other private and public sources related to COVID-19 resilience and anything acquired with the proceeds thereof.

Government or Lead Agency

New Jersey Health Care Facilities Financing Authority (NJHCFFA)

Dates Available

March 29, 2020, continuing indefinitely

Eligibility Requirements/Restrictions

Decisions on the loan recipients will be made according to the priority and amounts set by a committee consisting of the New Jersey Commissioner of Health or her designee, the Executive Director of the Authority and the Authority’s Director of Research, Investor Relations and Compliance. Additionally, the loan will specify how the requested funds will be used: for instance, the acquisition of any property; or acquisition, construction, or renovation of any building; acquisition of any equipment, including ventilators; acquisition of any supplies, medications, or personal protective equipment; hiring of any staff, consultants, or temporary workers; or reopening formerly closed hospital beds/wings, etc.

Application Deadlines (If Applicable)


Contact for More Information

Health care organizations treating COVID-19 patients may contact the New Jersey Health Care Facilities Financing Authority at info@njhcffa.comif they are interested in applying for a loan through the program.

List of Additional Information

More information is available here.

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