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Paul, Weiss and Brad Karp Recognized in Financial Times “North America Innovative Lawyers” Report

Paul, Weiss and firm chairman Brad Karp are recognized in the Financial Times’ 2018 “North America Innovative Lawyers” report. The firm’s efforts leading a coalition of major law firms in a challenge of the Trump administration’s family separation policy received a “Standout” designation in the “Rule of law and access to justice” category. Brad received a special achievement award for his leadership in this matter, as well as in coordinating the legal industry’s efforts to combat the gun violence epidemic and to assist travelers affected by the administration’s travel ban.

In a profile titled “Brad Karp: standing up to the White House and the gun lobby,” Brad noted that the family separation policy “was a clear violation of the rule of law and an assault on fundamental liberties." “This was a national problem,” he noted, “so it was critically important to activate the national bar . . . [W]e needed to galvanise our resources and take an emphatic stance.” He added that “it can be challenging to mobilise the bar in support of a particular cause — the last time this strategy had been successfully deployed was in the 1960s during the civil rights movement.” For Paul, Weiss’s leadership in these nationally important social issues, the Financial Times observed that the firm has “developed a reputation as a champion of religious, ethnic and gender diversity.”

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December 12, 2018

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