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Chinese Man Living With HIV Wins Asylum

Paul, Weiss has obtained asylum for an HIV-positive gay man from China, arguing that cumulative harms by government and society in areas such as marriage, medical aid, employment and ostracism can rise to the level of persecution. Our client was subjected to involuntary HIV testing, interrogation, threats and severe restrictions on his freedom and privacy. After the Chinese government found out that he was HIV positive, our client was aggressively monitored and his private medical information was disseminated without regard to confidentiality and the disastrous effect on his life.

For the past year, our client has been studying English at ASA College in New York on a student visa and hopes to become a teacher. The client was interviewed by an asylum officer in Rosedale, Queens and was awarded asylum on November 26.

The Paul, Weiss team included corporate law clerk Amanda Lui and litigation staff attorney Ran Jiang. Corporate partner Udi Grofman supervised the matter.

December 5, 2014

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