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Alumni Portal Launch Supports Refugees Around the World

March 14, 2019

In November, the Paul, Weiss Alumni Network launched a new Alumni Portal to better connect the firm’s global alumni. With participation from former attorneys from as far back as the class of 1955, the Portal launch also gave the alumni community an opportunity to demonstrate one of the firm’s most important values: a dedication to giving back.

For each alum who joined the Alumni Portal within a set registration period, Paul, Weiss donated $5 to the International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP), an organization that mobilizes direct legal aid, litigation and systemic advocacy to serve the world’s most persecuted individuals. “IRAP is not only mobilizing resources and representing refugees in resettlement cases, it is also developing a vast network of students, law schools and law firms to leverage their collective expertise and determination to ensure that some of the world's most vulnerable people can reach safety,” noted Paul, Weiss partner and IRAP Vice Chair Carl Reisner.

Together, the Alumni Network raised over $3,000 for IRAP. “We are extremely grateful to Paul, Weiss for choosing IRAP as a beneficiary of their new Alumni Portal,” said Becca Heller, IRAP’s Executive Director.

“IRAP has a long-standing relationship with Paul, Weiss, which has represented many refugees and displaced persons pro bono over the years. Thanks to this sustained partnership, and with support from many other allies, IRAP continues to be able to offer quality legal services to the world's most vulnerable individuals in need of a safe home.”

To learn more about the International Refugee Assistance Project, please visit:

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