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The New York Times Highlights Paul, Weiss’s Role Catalyzing Law Firm Coalition Fighting Voter Suppression Efforts

April 12, 2021

The New York Times highlighted Paul, Weiss’s leading role in organizing a law firm coalition to oppose state-by-state efforts to restrict voting. The article, “Defying Republicans, Big Companies Keep the Focus on Voting Rights,” notes that more than 60 major law firms issued a statement on April 12 condemning recent legislation by many states that would suppress voting rights, particularly among African Americans, joining a growing swath of corporate America in taking such a stand. The coalition’s mission is “to challenge voter suppression legislation and to support national legislation to protect voting rights and increase voter participation,” firm Chairman Brad Karp told the publication. The American Lawyer, CBS News and others have run similar stories.

Brad notes that the coalition will work with the Brennan Center for Justice to identify specific laws to challenge in court, including a possible challenge to the voting law that Republicans passed in Georgia last month. “We plan to challenge any election law that would impose unnecessary barriers on the right to vote and that would disenfranchise underrepresented groups in our country,” Brad said. The article also highlights the ongoing discussions among major law firms and corporate leaders about whether and how to shape the national discussion around voting rights.

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