Tammy Wang
Tammy Wang
Corporate Associate 

"One of the reasons I chose Paul, Weiss was because of the Corporate Department's unassigned program, where junior associates are assigned to deals within different corporate practice groups for their first two years at the firm. The system allows young attorneys to explore different areas of corporate law before being assigned to a specialized group and is invaluable for the relationships built and experience gained. The unassigned program taught me that so much of what makes a strong corporate practice is cooperation and teamwork with other departments and groups. The time I spent exploring the various groups has made me a more effective, well-rounded lawyer than I otherwise would have been. The unassigned program also helped me build relationships with associates and partners from different practice areas with whom I continue to work even after I was assigned to the securities group.

As part of the career development program, the firm also provides a career continuum that outlines the types of analytical, research, drafting, negotiation, deal management and other skills that one is expected to achieve in order to transition from a junior to a midlevel to a senior associate. The career continuum serves as a professional navigation tool for me-- helping me take stock of both the progress I have made so far as well as showing me the skill sets and experience I should aim to attain so that I can advance to the next level."


We're dedicated to helping you follow your own unique career path. But no matter where your curiosity and ambition may take you, we'll also ensure that you've developed the legal skills that will take you where you want to go.

Plan Ahead: From your early days at Paul, Weiss, we'll help you map the specific development of your skills and professional knowledge with a comprehensive career development program. You'll consult with partners in your department to create a plan that outlines your expectations for the coming year. These plans will help the firm assign you work that is right for your interests and ambitions. We then adjust your training as your goals and interests change.

Career Continuum:While you're pursuing your unique path, we'll work to help you reach important career milestones that will help form you into a well-rounded lawyer. We've assembled a developmental guide to help you understand how your career can progress over the course of time. You'll track your work against the appropriate experience and training opportunities to ensure that your development is on track. And when you're ready to tackle tougher assignments, you'll be given the specific training you need to take on new responsibilities.

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