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In litigations and investigations, e-discovery is a critical component of strategy and fact development. Businesses that give it short shrift do so at their peril. Paul, Weiss has achieved a reputation for unparalleled excellence in litigation and investigations; our e-discovery efforts are an integral part of this success.

Our Practice

Our e-discovery team is unmatched in skills, experience, and expertise. Leveraging technology to respond successfully to client needs is one of our highest priorities; our approach to e-discovery positions us to provide our clients with unique value in high-stakes litigations and investigations.

We were among the first firms to tackle the intensive document processing and management needs of large-scale, complex disputes. For decades we have often been the lead counsel in sprawling litigations, and in this role we have designed and refined sophisticated litigation management tools and best practices and processes to collaborate efficiently with clients, co-counsel, service providers, courts and regulators.

Today, we remain innovators in the e-discovery field. Our lawyers write and speak frequently on developments in e-discovery rules, law, and practices and participate in industry-wide efforts to design and develop e-discovery guidelines and standards. We deploy the latest technology to analyze information gathered in the e-discovery process, helping us in our goal of securing the best possible outcome for our clients.

Our robust and secure in-house e-discovery and analytics capabilities reflect a substantial investment of the firm’s own resources and provide a value-add to our litigation practice that is unmatched. Over the past 20 years, we have invested continuously in both technology and personnel, creating an E-Discovery Department that combines the skills of technology and legal professionals.

Individualized Solutions

We recognize that every client and every case is unique and a cookie-cutter approach often results in missed opportunities and increased costs. Our lawyers and e-discovery professionals monitor and study the developments in the e-discovery landscape and apply the most effective technology and process to each matter. When our clients prefer to utilize specific service providers, our team works closely with them to help ensure positive results.

Integrated E-Discovery Team

Our e-discovery practice is distinguished by true teamwork. Lawyers, legal support professionals, and e-discovery project managers all work, train and strategize together. This ensures open communication and seamless workflow, enabling the team to focus on the process, maximize efficiency and forecast costs.

Understanding ESI

Developing a detailed understanding of the content of electronically stored information (ESI) is a critical element of our success. Senior lawyers interact with certified e-discovery analysts and experienced ESI reviewers to discover and examine key issues and documents. Our reviewers are highly trained specialists who are fully integrated in our case teams; the relationship between our litigators and our document review professionals helps us provide the best quality representation possible.

E-Discovery Project Management

Every litigation team at Paul, Weiss includes an e-discovery project manager, a thoroughly trained e-discovery professional who works side-by-side with the lawyers on the team. From the outset of a case, e-discovery project managers play a critical role. They help clients mitigate risk and find the most cost-effective and defensible e-discovery strategy that will deliver the highest quality results. They remain actively involved in the case throughout its life cycle, ensuring its integrity at every stage.

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