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Katherine Forrest Discusses AI-Related Opportunities and Challenges for the Judiciary in New York City Bar Association Podcast

April 11, 2024

Digital Technology Group Chair Katherine Forrest was a featured guest on a podcast by the New York City Bar Association on the transformative potential of artificial intelligence for the judiciary. In the April 11 episode, “The AI Revolution Comes to the Courtroom,” Katherine and another former federal district judge, Paul Grimm, discuss the challenges at the intersection of AI and evidence, AI’s potential to democratize legal services and access to justice, professional responsibility rules regarding the use of AI in legal practice and other topics.

“The evidentiary issues are a ‘today’ issue. We’ve got now the world of deepfakes upon us,” Katherine notes. “So, the ability to utilize some of the fundamental types of evidence that have been standard ways of trying to figure out the truth … namely audio and video, those are now subject to additional questions.”

Katherine also commented on AI’s potential to democratize access to justice. “I think that one of the true benefits of generative AI tools will be enabling access to justice both for pro se litigants, but also for legal service organizations that have tremendously long dockets, where it’s going to free up some time on tasks that they’ll be able to actually do much more quickly.”

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