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Technology Today: AI Has Opened Its Eyes

January 30, 2024

Litigation partner Katherine Forrest’s latest Technology Today column, “AI Has Opened Its Eyes,” appeared in the January 30 issue of the New York Law Journal. In the article, Katherine explores the recent evolution of multimodal large language models (MLLMs)—AI models trained not just on text but also on video content and additional modes of communication—which represent a cognitive leap forward for AI. Katherine describes some of the research regarding MLLMs and discusses legal and other important issues, such as privacy, bias, security and fraud concerns, as well as potential beneficial features, such as enhanced access to justice for the visually impaired.

“As MLLMs continue to evolve and develop, they will provide use cases that were once the stuff of science fiction,” Katherine says. “They will allow an AI tool to learn about us by looking at us and seeing us say words which it can interpret with an array of unspoken emotional content.”

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