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Paul, Weiss is committed to providing impactful pro bono legal assistance to individuals and organizations in need. Our program is all-encompassing, spanning the core issues facing our society.

Paul, Weiss to Receive Sanctuary for Families’ 2020 Above & Beyond Pro Bono Achievement Award

Paul, Weiss has been chosen to receive the Sanctuary for Families’ 2020 Above & Beyond Pro Bono Achievement Award for our work as a Founding Member Firm of the nonprofit’s Virtual Courtroom Advocates Project (VCAP), for going “above and beyond” in our pro bono work on behalf of victims of gender-based violence.

Through VCAP, Paul, Weiss offers remote counsel to domestic violence victims seeking orders of protection from their abusers. Because many victims have been forced to shelter in place with their abusers during the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a heightened need to assist these victims. Since VCAP launched in April, the Paul, Weiss team has assisted 18 domestic violence victims with obtaining orders of protection and three additional victims with preparing family offense petitions in the event they later decide to seek orders of protection.

In describing Paul, Weiss’s efforts, Sanctuary stated that “[i]t has been clear, from the very beginning, that Paul Weiss has taken the obligation to provide critical services to survivors of intimate partner violence incredibly seriously.” Sanctuary recognized in particular the efforts of litigation counsel Amy Barton and associates Meredith Arfa and Jennifer Garrett, describing them as “fierce advocates” and “kind, empathetic and trauma-informed litigators.” Sanctuary highlighted that Meredith has “tackled complex and voluminous cases with ease and never shied away from matters that are not straightforward,” and Jen has demonstrated “incredible kindness to [her] clients . . . through consistent follow-ups, meaningful support, or just by being a sounding board for their concerns.” Sanctuary described Amy as “relentlessly committed to [her] cases,” several of which required dedication over multiple days and weeks.

The Paul, Weiss team also includes litigation associates Elana Beale, Alison Benedon, Jeremy Benjamin and Edward Robinson; and pro bono counsel Emily Goldberg. Litigation partner Claudia Hammerman supervises the project.

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