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Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant to Close

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced earlier this month that the Indian Point Nuclear Facility located in Westchester County, New York will be closed by 2021. Last year, Paul, Weiss represented pro bono client Richard Brodsky, former assemblyman from Westchester County and a longtime advocate for the plant's closure, in an appeal to the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. The appeal challenged the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)'s grant of an exemption from federal fire safety rules to Indian Point without considering the threat of harm to humans and the surrounding environment in the event of a terrorist attack on the facility. Although the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ultimately affirmed the lower court's decision to afford deference to the agency, the litigation shined a light on the NRC's lax regulatory oversight of Indian Point and provided one more reason for Andrew Cuomo to seek closure of the facility. 

The Paul, Weiss pro bono team included litigation partners Daniel Kramer and Jacqueline Rubin and associates Katherine Fell, Katharine Fendler, Gregory Pruden and Ariane Rockoff-Kirk.

Read Mr. Brodsky's opinion piece, "Powering Down: An End to the Long Battle Against Indian Point"

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