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Paul, Weiss Helps CSE Achieve Full Marriage Equality in Mississippi

On behalf of its client the Campaign for Southern Equality (CSE), Paul, Weiss has achieved full compliance with the Supreme Court's ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges in the state of Mississippi. After numerous submissions to the Fifth Circuit and federal district court and negotiations with the Mississippi Attorney General, as of July 7, county clerks in all 82 Mississippi counties have now agreed to issue marriage licenses to gay couples.

In an email to our litigation team, CSE reacted to the news by stating "All 82 counties are issuing licenses and, without a doubt, there are LGBT kids in each of those counties who will grow up knowing they don't have to leave Mississippi to be who they are…There is more work to do for sure, but I hope everyone can take a moment tonight and just take this in: Mississippi. Marriage. All 82 counties. Hell yeah."

The Paul, Weiss team included litigation partners Roberta Kaplan, Andrew Ehrlich and Jaren Janghorbani and associates Joshua Kaye, Jacob Hupart, Alexia Koritz, Michael Nadler, Amy Beaux, Joshua Wesneski, Hayter Whitman, Asher Smith, Rebecca Matte and Marissa Doran.

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