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Paul, Weiss and Brady Center Settle Case Against Texas Gun Dealer

The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence announced the settlement of a lawsuit against a Texas gun dealer on behalf of Sandra Mata, whose husband, Rudy Mata, was killed with a gun the dealer had sold. In 2015, Paul, Weiss, along with the Brady Center, filed the lawsuit in Tarrant County, Texas on behalf of Mrs. Mata against Pioneer Pawn Shop and its owners, Robert and Pamela Furr, for negligently providing her husband’s killer with the handgun used in the shooting. The complaint alleged that in September 2012, Pioneer Pawn provided a Glock handgun to David Merrill hours before Merrill shot and killed Mr. Mata, despite the fact that Merrill, a drug addict with a history of domestic abuse, had previously made comments to a Pioneer Pawn employee about killing his wife.

Pursuant to the parties’ agreement, Pioneer Pawn will adopt written store policies setting forth when employees may or must deny a firearm sale or pawn redemption; requiring employees to affirmatively assess whether customers are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or are mentally unstable; requiring employees to report remarks, actions or other indicators that a customer may be prohibited from purchasing a firearm, even if a background check results in a “proceed;” requiring employees to promptly report certain information to management and law enforcement; requiring employees to review trace requests from the ATF; and implementing mandatory training once a year for all employees who handle firearms.  

The Paul, Weiss team includes partner litigation Christopher Boehning, counsel Daniel Levi and Karen King and associates Kaveri Vaid, Mary Spooner, Amy Beaux, Christopher GallantHilary Oran, Casey Olbrantz, Naomi Morris, Tamar Holoshitz and Sophia Bertran.

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