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It’s Time for FTC to Regulate Gun Industry Ads, Brad Karp and Chris Boehning Argue in Fortune

June 9, 2022

Firm Chairman Brad Karp and litigation partner Chris Boehning published an op-ed in Fortune outlining the Federal Trade Commission’s responsibility to protect consumers from false advertising and its failure to do so when it comes to the gun industry. In “The gun industry’s deadly lie,” published on June 9, Brad and Chris argue that the proliferation of guns is largely due to gunmakers marketing them as necessary for personal safety, even though studies have repeatedly shown that gun ownership actually makes people less safe. The two also note that an increasing number of gun advertisements are aimed at teens and children.

“The FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection has a clear mandate: to protect consumers from ‘unfair or deceptive’ practices in the marketplace. But when it comes to the gun industry, the FTC has turned a blind eye, failing consumers, failing our democracy, and failing the millions of Americans who have lost their lives or their loved ones to gun violence,” the authors write. “As the industry’s deceptive ads reach a larger—and younger—audience through social media, it’s America’s children who are the most vulnerable to the gun industry’s misleading messaging.”

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