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Larry Wee and Jennifer H. Wu Discuss Their Work With Victims of Asian Hate Crimes With Bloomberg Law

June 10, 2022

Corporate partner Larry Wee and litigation partner Jennifer H. Wu discussed their work on behalf of victims of Asian hate and violence with Bloomberg Law’s Vivia Chen in her column published on June 10. In “Why Paul Weiss Is the Pro Bono Go-To for Victims of Asian Hate,” Larry and Jennifer explain how they work to gain the trust of these clients and why this work is so important to them.

A multidisciplinary Paul, Weiss team, which also includes firm chairman Brad Karp, litigation partners Loretta Lynch and Jeannie Rhee, and personal representation partner Alan Halperin, is representing the families of GuiYing Ma, who died in February months after being attacked with a large rock in Queens; Yao Pan Ma, who was struck and kicked in the head while collecting cans in Harlem and died eight months later; Zhiwen Yan who was shot to death in April while working as a food deliveryman in Queens; and a 67-year old Filipina woman who survived being punched 125 times while taking out her garbage in Yonkers, among several others.

Bloomberg notes that both partners often meet clients in their own neighborhoods, where they feel more at ease, rather than in the Paul, Weiss office.

“To do this work, you have to be grounded,” Jennifer says. “You have to approach people with huge cultural care. Often, they don’t trust people with money, and they’re worried that you’re in cahoots with authorities.”

Outside of his work at Paul, Weiss, Larry preaches at the New York Chinese Alliance Church in Chinatown.

“I decided that’s the place to be,” Larry says. “Someone similarly situated to me might decide to go to a different church but I feel this is my community—this is the place I’m called to be. I think God put me on earth for a reason—to help people with my skills.”

The Paul, Weiss team representing victims of Asian hate also includes personal representation counsel Renee Stern-Kaplan, litigation counsel Josephine Young and Jenny C. Wu, litigation associates Spence Colburn, Megan Gao, Jennifer Kim, Tarek Roshdy, Johan Tatoy, Chih-Wei Wu and Simona Xu, and corporate associate Suzie Kim

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