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Paul, Weiss is committed to providing impactful pro bono legal assistance to individuals and organizations in need. Our program is all-encompassing, spanning the core issues facing our society.

Paul, Weiss Client Obtains Parole After 43 Years of Incarceration

Paul, Weiss helped obtain parole for a client serving more than 43 years at the Fishkill Correctional Facility. In 1977, our client plead guilty to one count of felony murder for a crime he committed months after his 18th birthday. He received a sentence of 18 years to life and was subsequently denied parole 15 times. Among other things, Paul, Weiss successfully litigated to expunge a baseless disciplinary violation from his record, prepared him for his appearance before the board of parole, compiled an extensive record of materials documenting his transformation while incarcerated, and worked with partners, including the Osborne Association, the Fortune Society and Release Aging People in Prison, as well as a host of family members and other supporters, to develop a viable reentry plan. These factors, combined with our client’s demonstrated remorse, led the parole board to deem him a low risk of recidivism and grant him release.

The Paul, Weiss team included litigation partner David Brown, of counsel Daniel Beller, and associate Jeremy Benjamin.

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