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Paul, Weiss is committed to providing impactful pro bono legal assistance to individuals and organizations in need across a broad range of constitutional, civil rights and other public interest matters.

Criminal Justice

Our work in the criminal justice area is extensive and varied.

We regularly represent indigent defendants in federal habeas-related investigations, petitions and appeals; have devoted tens of thousands of hours to capital cases; and have represented prisoners in landmark lawsuits challenging their treatment or conditions of confinement. We are also involved in cutting-edge cases, including one curtailing the use of eye-witness identifications in court.

Below are some highlights:

  • In 2017, after trying the case three times, we won the acquittal of Selwyn Days, a disabled African-American man with a history of psychiatric illnesses who was convicted of double murder and who served 17 years for a crime he did not commit.
  • We helped Delaware’s longest serving death-row inmate win his freedom after more than 20 years on death row. 
  • We secured the reversal of a murder conviction for a client who had served 25 years in prison based on eyewitness misidentifications.
  • In State v. Dickson at the Connecticut Supreme Court, we obtained an opinion that overturned precedent and significantly curtailed the use of in-court identifications in criminal cases.
  • We successfully obtained clemency, under an initiative of former President Obama, for several incarcerated individuals convicted of non-violent offenses and subject to lengthy sentences under mandatory sentencing rules.
  • We drafted legislation, in coordination with the Correctional Association of New York, that led to a new law that significantly curtailed the use of shackles on pregnant women incarcerated in New York State.

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